Well established in Europe for over 100 years, recognized and awarded in the Enduro & Motocross world, Husqvarna decided in 2017 to give us two road models with retro inspiration but modern textures, the Svartpilen and the Vitpilen.

Today we have the chance to ride with the Svartpilen 401; the Black Arrow. And as you may have guessed, yes, the Vitpilen means the white arrow!

Svartpilen 401 left side
Svartpilen 401 right side
They don’t go unnoticed wherever they are. A minimalist look with a very well thought out “café racer” line. Lots of attention to detail, a very pleasant motorcycle to look at and discover. From the gas cap to the seat, including the mudguard and the support on the tank, each component has been carefully modeled and thought out.
Svartpilen 401 Close up
The Svartpilen 401 offers us a 400cc engine with modern technology, which makes it a functional urban motorcycle and at the same time allows us to get off the beaten track and explore when the opportunity arises.

It is offered with a 6-speed transmission with “easy shift” which, and being adequately geared, allows us highway speeds without too high or disturbing engine speed. A plus for anyone who drives regularly on the highways.

On the choice of tires and wheels, Husqvarna went all out for the Svartpilen. Stunning 17-inch spoked wheels (front and rear) wrapped with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres. Perfect for adventurers, a combo that instills confidence and a solid base for off-roading.

The instrumentation includes all the necessary expected as well as a shift light for sportier riders. As much as the look is successful, the use of it is a bit tedious when stationary and don’t even think about it while riding. Located above the headlight and with small control buttons, we will have to make your selections before leaving or at the gas station. Overall, a small sacrifice for a unique motorcycle!

Svartpilen 401 cluster
What I appreciate with a motorcycle like the Svartpilen (400cc range) is their versatility. On the one hand, with its lightness and handling, it is very comfortable around town and on the other hand, thanks to its power, geometry, and its tires, it is very easy and pleasant to take it out on trails… Especially if you’re not afraid to get dirty!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to do the Knuckle Challenge, but still managed to ride nearly 300 kilometers. Enough to fully appreciate the Svartpilen 401.

Svartpilen 401 black and white
I truly enjoyed riding and the overall experience of the Black Arrow. Fuel efficient, a smart choice for many motorcyclists. And with a look like this, expect longer than usual stops because many curious folks will want to know more about your motorcycle.

Finally, given its low cost, it won’t be unreasonable to add the Husqvarna to your collection!

Have you had the opportunity to try one, or do you own one? Leave us your comments! For others, how do you find it? Would you be willing to give it a chance?


Ride safe!


Jean-Sébastien Mackay
Knuckle / LeCarnetMoto.com



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