Riding gear and apparel, although very important for riding a motorcycle, should be adapted to our riding style as well as our activity. The cost of purchasing the necessary equipment should always be included in our motorcycle purchasing budget. So, if you are planning on spending 10k on a new motorcycle, in fact, you should shop around for a $ 8,500-9,000 bike with tax and preparation included.

A Jacket and helmet can become a big expense quickly and their importance is crucial. In addition, as you may know, the standards for helmets change and the lifespan of these is also limited. If you ride with motorcycle equipment that has passed its useful life, its effectiveness in a fall or accident could cost you dearly.

If you are like me and you like several styles of motorcycle, you may need several helmets, gloves and even jackets … not to mention that with the extremely variable temperatures in Canada, in the same day you might need to change on the road …

A bit like motorcycle goggles, in the same ride, you may have to change it or at least change the lens. We suggest that you take your time when shopping and identify your real needs for your clothes. Do not fall for the fashions of the moment or the look because being poorly dressed can easily take away the pleasure of your motorcycle rides.

Don’t forget your hands and your feet!

What about the gloves? Too often, we meet motorcyclists on the road dressed from head to toe properly but without gloves … Do not underestimate the importance of gloves! Have you ever fallen or tried to fall on the ground without holding back with your hands? This is a natural reflex, and I am sure you use them every day and need them! Believe me when I tell you that a single broken finger is not pleasant and does not heal as quickly as you would like to think!

The same goes for boots, it is essential to have a boot that is suitable for motorcycle riding. Here it is always not just about an accident but for safety on every ride. Every time you change gears or put your feet on the ground, a bad “shoe” could surprise you and cause a fall, an accident or scare you…

Laces stuck in your gearshift lever and preventing you from putting it on the ground … A slightly slippery surface when you stop at a light or at a gas station … Very easy to avoid if you have good shoes!


It is a bit the same for motorcycle accessories. It is now easier than ever to protect it if something goes wrong. With the various forums on the internet and Facebook, hundreds of suggestions will be offered to you for your make and model. Take advantage of the experiences of other motorcyclists to make informed choices.

Here you will find hundreds of places to find the right gear to get the most out of your motorcycle season. Do not hesitate to ask questions to fully understand the different products and maximize your purchases and avoid regrets!

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