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Get a personalized display, promote an event or you can even sponsor one of our categories!

Our goal is to help you build and maintain a lasting relationship with your customers.

We are a targeted option for your business for better visibility or for you to get discovered..

An Address Book yes, but above all we serve Motorcyclists and the Motorcycle Industry in Canada.

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Job Promotion

$49.99/ job offer
  • ✔️ Display of your job listing
  • ✔️ With an Image / Logo
  • ✔️ Display duration according to your needs
  • ✔️ Weekly sharing & promotion of your job listing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Web, Twitter and Google)
  • ✔️ Updates as required
  • ✔️ Bilingual
  • ✔️ Packages available for multiple job offers

Personalized Services

  • ✔️ Advertising on our Social Media
  • ✔️ Advertising on our Websites
  • ✔️ Sponsorship of Page / Category / Test drive (Prices vary)
  • ✔️ Reinvestment in your business
  • ✔️ Verification & Help Managing Your Social Media
  • ✔️ Help Managing your job offers
  • ✔️ Verification & Help Managing your website
  • ✔️ Contest
  • ✔️ Collaboration