What’s the Knuckle Challenge?

Ride 1000km (621 miles) in one day on your motorcycle. The goal of the Challenge is not to complete it as quickly as possible, but to ride, discover & enjoy!

Whether you are alone, in pairs or in a small group, take on the Knuckle Challenge this season!

We offer you the possibility of doing the Challenge and our Mystery Rides in a simple and affordable way !

Your health and safety are very important. This is why you get to choose the best time to do them.

We also offer you the possibility of obtaining a numbered certification of your success of completion of the Knuckle Challenge!

We are offering you two options to complete the Challenge: the Original and the Open.

The Original: By selecting this one, your 1000km (621 miles) challenge will have to be completed on a motorcycle of 500cc or less.

The Open: By selecting the Open, your 1000km (621 miles) ride will be done on the motorcycle of your choice.

No rules, but some recommendations

The goal of the Knuckle Challenge and the Mystery Rides is to take you through Quebec and America on a motorcycle, not to impose on you the way to do it.

We believe that the motorcycle is synonymous with freedom and that imposing rules would be against our values.

We operate on the principle of honor and wish to develop a healthy community where trust is essential.

That being said, we still have a few recommendations to make our Challenges & Rides pleasant, safe and memorable.

Here are our recommendations that we invite you to consult before your departure.

  • A basic mechanical check (Oil, prestone, chain and tire pressure).
  • Check the weather and don’t hesitate to postpone your adventure if the weather is not mild.
  • Leave your ego aside if you are too tired. Better not finish the Challenge than risk never riding a motorcycle again …
  • Use the Knuckle app! Simple and free, a valuable source of information on your phone. ( www.knucklehq.com )
  • Take some pictures! It’s always nice to have a little memory to share.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you!

Have a good trip!

Are you up for it?

To obtain your certification for the Knuckle Challenge, we simply ask you this:

  • Tell us the make and model of the motorcycle used. (required)
  • Send us pictures of the odometer when you start and finish the Challenge. (required)
  • Send us* a souvenir photo of your challenge. Ex: your motorbike with a landscape (optional)
  • Pay the $ 20 administration & postage fee.

Share your adventure on social media with the keyword #challengeknuckle and get a Knuckle keychain for free*!

In order to respect the spirit of the Challenge, we ask you not to make more than 300km** (186 miles) on the major highways.

The origin of Knuckle Challenge

Originally, the Challenge Knuckle was created to demonstrate the real and often unsuspected ability of the smaller cylinder engines.

Riding 1000km (621 miles) in a day is a distance that few motorcyclists do and that is often done on freeways. We wanted to test the machines not only on the main roads, but all types of road and in several regions of Quebec in the same day.

Our Challenges require over 15 hours on each motorcycle and we are very proud of the outcomes.

The Challenge was also a new way to test motorcycles to get a precise and real idea of ​​riding at home. We all like to watch test drives in exotic countries or on closed circuits, however, the buyer will not have the same day-to-day conditions.

Our Challenge answers common questions and gives a glimpse of what motorcyclists from here will experience when purchased. This is not a brochure reading or a branded infomercial, but a fair and honest appreciation of our essay.

Since 2018

Since the start of the Challenge, many have shown interest in the challenge, but not only towards the 500cc or less, but also for the other ranges of Motorcycles.

For 2020, we have decided to offer everyone the possibility of doing the Knuckle Challenge in 2 formats. Either the Original Challenge Knuckle (500cc and less) as well as the Challenge Knuckle Open.

Add one or more additional activities to your season and participate in large numbers!

*At your discretion. Not required to obtain certification. You can send your pictures by email or by the contact form.

Disclaimer of responsibility: The Knuckle Challenge and the mystery rides are for entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances shall Knuckle HQ or its affiliates and partners be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, consequential injuries, damage or loss of materials arising from participating in the Challenge or rides. Also, under no circumstances shall Knuckle HQ or its affiliates and partners be liable for road conditions, road closures or any unpleasant environmental situations.