To enjoy your motorcycle season, we have decided to offer you our Mystery Rides. If the Knuckle Challenge is not for everyone, the Mystery Rides will certainly be, regardless of your level of experience!

What is a Mystery Ride?

It’s simply a ride whose destination you don’t know! You select the distance you wish to travel and we take care of the rest.

How it works? *

Simple as 1-2-3!

1- You choose your Mystery Ride ;

2- You choose your starting point ;

3- You tell us when you want to complete your Ride.

That’s it!

We offer Mystery Rides of various distances to spice up your weekend outings (or weekdays 🙂 ) We also offer you the possibility of leaving from the place of your choice!

Once we have your information, we will send you a coordinate at half the distance (Round Trip) or several coordinates for a circuit. Even if there are not really any rules, don’t forget to read our recommendations.

Bonus #1*

In addition, when you complete one of our Rides, you get a personalized certificate.

Bonus #2*

Be bold and go explore! Complete the 5 Mystery Rides in one season and get a 50$ value gift!

Here are our Mystery Rides:

Easy Peasy / Trop Facile – 75km (45 Miles)

La Quickie / La Ptite Vite – 150km (90 Miles)

Why Not / Pourquoi Pas – 250km (155 Miles)

Live to Ride / Vivre pour Rouler – 400km (245 Miles)

Road 2 Nowhere / Route vers nulle part– 500km (300 Miles)

*Additional details: Departure from Canada or the United States only. Ideally allow 24 hours between your order and your departure. You choose between a Circuit or a Round Trip.

Bonus #1 Details: For those who wish to do one of our ride several times, you will be able to choose it without a certificate.

Bonus #2 Details: The 5 different rides must be completed to get the gift. The gift is unisex. A season is from April to October.

Disclaimer of responsibility: The Knuckle Challenge and the mystery rides are for entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances shall Knuckle HQ or its affiliates and partners be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, consequential injuries, damage or loss of materials arising from participating in the Challenge or rides. Also, under no circumstances shall Knuckle HQ or its affiliates and partners be liable for road conditions, road closures or any unpleasant environmental situations.