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What is Knuckle ?

With over 45,000 unique users, Knuckle / LeCarnetMoto.com primarily caters to Canadian motorcyclists as well as travelers visiting Eastern Canada.

More than an address book! Through our platform, we promote the exploration of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces by promoting its merchants, its events & activities as well as job opportunities.

We have built our site in such a way as to subdivide the different categories related to the world of motorcycles and optimize it for quick and efficient consultation. A site at the service of motorcyclists and businesses.

Since the launch in November 2017, we’ve added over 2000 useful addresses, posted over 2000 events in our calendar and posted job offers from more than 170 businesses.

Geolocated or by city, it is easy to search and find an address according to your needs, all year long. Our responsive design is a perfect mix between a conventional website and a mobile application, Knuckle offers you the best of both worlds!

Knuckle ; a must-have tool for all motorcyclists, all styles. Add it to your phone or computer today!

Jean-Sébastien Mackay

Jean-Sébastien Mackay

Founder / Co-Manager

Claudia Rozon

Claudia Rozon

Co-Manager / Customer Service

Our Mission:

We help Motorcyclists, present and future, to live and enjoy their passion.


Our Purpose:

Constantly improving and adapting, we inform motorcyclists in a fast, simple and practical way.


Our Vision:

We believe in a united and strong community, developing and protecting the motorcycle industry.


Other Comments on Knuckle :
Lots and lots of information!
Charles-Édouard Carrier

Journalist, Author, Oneland Magazine

David M.

Owner, IRONHOLD Supply CO

Very good application for motorcyclists.
We encourage you to go check it out!
Team No Team

CSBK Race Team

A great application to discover!
Arnold P.

YouTuber, Columnist, TousMotards

A beautiful plateform!
Pascal Fournier

YouTuber, Voyage Moto Reportage

We encourage Knuckle! They are “Top”!
Pascal Richard

Président, Revolution Motorcycle Magazine

Thanks KNUCKLE for the support!
Rick Hughes


Very interesting!
Alain Labadie

Journalist, Columnist, MagazineMoto.com

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An Addresses & Events Book For Motorcyclists;

A Partner Of Choice For Businesses;

A Positive Force In The Industry.

Several reasons led us to create Knuckle HQ.

Get to discover or rediscover new parts of the country, new artists and merchants who enrich our community is our raison d’être.

Knuckle started with a simple idea: A central point to facilitate access to information, save valuable time and which is suitable for all type of Motorcyclists.

We offer you a platform designed in Canada. From Logo to programming, we pride ourselves on using local resources and skills.

More than a directory, it is a unique resource that cares about its users, as well as the local merchants.

Constantly improving and evolving, we strive for excellence in all of our spheres of activity.

We are the missing link for all motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts in Eastern Canada and the travelers who visit us.

For all motorcyclists

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  • Simple, fast & free Registration;
  • Subscriptions for all types of needs;
  • For your promotions, job offers, events;
  • A better presence on Social Networks and the Internet;
  • Reinvestment in your business available;
  • Canadian, easy to use and unparalleled customer service!

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