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Geolocated Address & Events Book For Motorcyclists

Add Knuckle HQ to your mobile phone for your motorcycle rides. Restaurants, shops, events, and much more may be to discover on your way!

Are you a new user? You will also find schools, trainings, tracks, and many useful addresses to live your passion to the fullest.

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You need to maintain your motorcycle? You want to shop your next bike? Find the right merchant for all your needs.

What is Knuckle ?

An address book yes, but Knuckle is above all at the service of Quebec motorcyclists as well as travelers visiting our beautiful province.

We promote the discovery of Quebec by promoting its merchants and its events through our platform. Being geolocated, it is easy to search and especially to find businesses around us, even in new places.

Since the launch in November 2017, we have added more than 1000 useful addresses and posted more than 1000 events in our calendar. Since June 2020, we offer our services in the Canadian Maritime provinces and continue to improve.

Knuckle; An essential tool for all motorcyclists, no matter your style. Add it to your phone today! A hybrid between a conventional website and a mobile application, Knuckle HQ offers you the best of both worlds.

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