The Yamaha Ténéré 700 created a lot of hype when it was announced and even more so when it was officially released. Now it’s our turn to test it and tell you about it!

I am far from being an expert in this category and I wanted to mention it. I have about eight thousand kilometers off-road experience over all… So, I’ll write with a humble approach of an ordinary motorcyclist.


From the first glance, you can see that Yamaha was very intentional about the T7’s image. An adventure look with a “Rally” signature that seems ready for anything! Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, spoke wheels, handguards and other “adventure” attributes are on the menu. Is it just a glance or does it deliver the goods?
I must admit, it makes you want to ride off-road a lot more than around the city or on the highway …


Adventure motorcycles, by design and function, require height which often can intimidate more than one rider. However, one of the first things I noticed on my very first try was its balance. Even on my 5-foot-9-inch tiptoes, the equilibrium is virtually perfect.
The word is strong you will tell me? Maybe, but when you can easily, on tiptoe, refuel with an adult passenger in the back … Personally, I find that not bad at all!
The Ténéré 700 is light which makes it easy and fun to drive. No matter the speed or the terrain, the T7 gives us great stability and maneuverability for all calibers of riders and can even forgive a certain lack of experience.
The riding position is straight and natural which gives us an easy and comfortable change of sitting / standing position. The seat design, which resembles that of a motocross, gives ease and leeway for riding upright for a long period of time and aids handling.


Unlike other similar models, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is more on the minimalist side. A wired throttle grip, no riding modes or angle indicators or other electronic gadgets. You have a basic display with basic information’s and the only extra is a button to turn off ABS when off-roading.
Note: that the instrumentation is easy to consult regardless of your driving position. For the adventurous, a mount for GPS or other accessories, is included in the design of the windshield / instrumentation. A little attention that will be greatly appreciated!
The lighting is powerful with 4 LED headlights and like this style of motorcycle, fixed to the frame, for lighting stability on rough terrain.
Personally, with a motorcycle made for adventure and off the beaten track, I like not having to worry about a thousand and one potential electronic failures. So, for me, the T7 wins points in this area, although I can obviously understand that people like having the latest technology on their motorcycle …


The motor (CP2 inline-twin) is efficient, got nice torque and will take you where you want to go. The original sound is rather fat and pleasant to the ears, at least to mine! The gear changes aren’t like your regular cruiser, I’d say a little more raw, but you get used to it after a while.
Even though I haven’t had the Ténéré for as long as I would have liked, I had the opportunity to do maneuvers that I hadn’t done in a long time! It’s easy to go at super low speeds without the fear of stalling, overcoming obstacles or making a U-turn.
On the open road, I found the bike suitable for both comfort and smoothness and a good wind protection. The engine-transmission combo has been designed for wide use of the Ténéré including long trips.


Fuel consumption is very reasonable. On a Sunday ride, with Yamaha’s Eco mode, I got fuel consumption in the range of 3 liters per 100km. A combined average of 4.5L / 100. But as they say, if we have a lot of fun, who cares about consumption!




On the comfort side, I found the suspension to be more than adequate for the use I made of it. It is certain that for more road use, a tire change would be preferable, not only for wear but also noise. The seat was also not designed to sit for long hours like a cruiser, but is all very acceptable for this type of bike.


A little surprising, but a welcome one, passengers found the Ténéré super-comfortable, enjoyable, and felt confident regardless of the driving environment and condition. When you look at the seat, nobody wouldn’t have guessed! The position of the foot pegs and the suspension also have something to do with it, of course.




In the end, I really enjoyed my experience with the Ténéré 700. It is definitely a versatile, robust, manoeuvrable and capable bike that can deliver a lot and, in my opinion, delivers the goods.

A great success from Yamaha in all respects and a strong competitor to the Europeans. Unquestionably a motorcycle to consider if this segment interests you.

Let us know your comments & impressions of the Ténéré 700!

Jean-Sébastien Mackay
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