You passed your exam and get your license? You just bought you first motorcycle, or you are planning on having one? Congrats! Now what?

Here are our top 10 do’s and don’ts as a motorcyclist including two secrets for a sustainable and enjoyable motorcycle life!

1- Mechanic initiation courses

While it’s always a good idea to let professionals do their work, there’s a few things you should be able to do on your own bike. Maybe you never ever hold a set of tools in your hand, or you are not mechanically incline but hear me out.

Motorcycles comes in different shape and sizes but ultimately are pretty similar in many aspects. Knowing your motorcycle and how it works will save you time, money, and headaches. That doesn’t mean to to quit your job and take a full certification.

There are many shops that offers basic motorcycle maintenance and knowledge courses. They worth it, even if you don’t intend to do it all yourself for a lack of time, space, skills, or confidence.

Learn the basic and familiarize yourself with your motorcycle! This knowledge will help you in your journey as a motorcyclist.

2- Advanced training

You’ve got your license and a few miles on, great! Now is the time to learn and practice more advanced techniques. And here, I’m not talking about wheelies or burnout, although…

In a perfect world, you would want to do a refresher course or advanced training every year or two or when you change motorcycle.

Many of you will say that, doing a few exercises by yourself in a parking lot at the beginning of the season is enough and it is true to a certain extent. You should first learn the techniques with a professional and with supervision.

From slow maneuver to fast cornering, there are plenty of training and schools to choose from. In the end, it will make you a better, safer, and more confident motorcyclist.

3- Meet-ups / Bike Nights

Not everyone riding a motorcycle know other riders and that is a fact. If you are riding because all your crew already ride, this one will not be for you but, maybe it will.

While riding alone is therapeutic and enjoyed by most riders, talking with other Motorcycle enthusiasts and riders brings another facet of Motorcycling. One of the best ways to know about cool places, rides and your area are other motorcyclists.

So don’t be shy! Find an event near you and get to know other riders.

Good hosts will make sure to take care of new faces and lone rider to introduce themselves, talk to you and make you feel welcomed.

4- Don’t judge others

There are as many reasons to ride than different types of motorcycles.  So don’t expect everyone to view motorcycling like you do. Size, brand, mileage, new or old, gear or type does not tell the whole story.

There are also many sub-cultures that you will encounter in your life and as much as there are some stranger ones, does not mean to disrespect others.

So instead of judging from a distance, go chat instead! Give respect, earn respect.

5- Rain, Cold and Night Riding

Is there anything better than riding on beautiful and warm summer days?  This is the main reason to ride, isn’t it? Well, while it’s true on the surface, the reality is that you need to be able to ride in a variety of weather, time of the day, and temperatures if you want to master motorcycling.

It may be scary at first and uncomfortable, but you need to overcome the fear. If you plan on riding for years to come, you need, in the same principle of advanced training, to be confident in all situations.

Because, at some point, you will have to ride in pouring rain or at night and even both. And when you’ll do, you do not want to be scared because it’s a recipe for disaster…

No need to run for trouble either… You can start with short outings around a well-known area.

Get to know your bike, your helmet and gear in all conditions!

6- Gear up


No one think it will happen to them, but the reality is that no one knows. From falling from a standstill to high-speed slides or city crash, you gear will determine greatly the outcome of your day and even your life.

Always plan your gear in your motorcycle buying budget. Not everything needs to be bran new, other than your helmet. Nowadays, for every kind of riding style and temperature, you will be able to find gear to match.

Lastly, don’t be lazy or a fashion victim… Please, don’t ride with flip flops, sandals or without gloves!

7- Group Riding

Riding with other bikers can be fun and many times, safer then riding alone. But it must be done properly! First and most importantly, let other riders know if it’s your first time or you just got your license. It’s not the time to play big ego and bravado. It could be very dangerous for everyone if you say nothing.

Depending on your experience, you will be put in different places in the group. You should never be the first or the last, ever. Those spots are reserved for the two most experience riders and it’s a full-time job on the ride.

Also, make sure to know and understand hand signals used by your group. While many hand signs are almost universal, some aren’t…

Lastly, if you find the pace too fast and are uncomfortable, slow down, period. Don’t ride faster than your guardian angel… 

8- Demo Rides

Did you know that each year, motorcycle manufacturers give you the opportunity to test ride their new bikes?

Wait, what!?!

Yep, and it’s the perfect time to get to know other brands or try out different type of motorcycles.

Most of the time, Demo rides are going to be free of charge. Other times, they will ask for donations for charity, usually around 20$.  Not very expensive to be able to ride other motorcycles.

It will give you a chance to know more about what kind of motorcycle is best for you as well as sometime, finding out that your dream bike might be better to stay in your dreams…

9- Ninja, you will become

One of the two secrets for a long lasting and fulfilling motorcycle riding life is the art of invisibility. And I’m not talking about riding wearing all black leather without lights like the Dark Knight…

 I’m talking about to always assume that no one sees you, ever. You can be mad all you want, cars and trucks will win, and you will lose, every time in an accident.

 Save up that anger and always be ready for the craziest driver decisions. This will go hand in hand with knowing your motorcycle and practicing advanced techniques.

10- Going where you want to go

The last point and second secrets for a better and longer life is this: Always look where you want to go. It’s true when driving a car, but even more true on two wheels. Especially when something goes wrong.

Never look at the ditch, the wall, or the tree, always look where you want to go. I know it might be hard, but it could save your life or a crash.

I’ll say it again, in case of an emergency, look where you want to go! It saved my life and could save yours.

Final Thoughts

On that note, feel free to share your experiences and thoughts! Be safe and enjoy your motorcyclist’s life!

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