The 2022 season is coming to an end, but that’s no reason not to have fun! And when I say have fun, the MT-10 is quite apt… Yamaha, in its MT family, offers us today the chance to try not only the MT-10 but also the SP version. *More to follow on the SP version!
In the past, I had the opportunity to try the MT-03 as well as the MT-07. Two models that had lived up to my expectations in their respective categories. All to promise an exceptional experience, and this on many levels, so I was eager to try this beast.
The Yamaha MT-10 is at the top of the MT family but also, in my opinion, the ultimate Yamaha motorcycle on the road. Although some will say that this title should go to the YZF-R1, I believe otherwise and will tell you why.
Yamaha MT-10 2022
Yamaha MT-10 Storm Cyan
Yamaha MT-10 2022
Yamaha MT-10 SP Liquid Metal / Raven


On the design side, we recognize the MT Hyper Naked signature. The MT-10 is available in Mate Black or Storm Cyan and Liquid Metal/Raven for the SP.

For 2022, the air intakes have been enlarged and an acoustic chamber has been molded into it, which will make it purr when you’ll go wide open throttle.

For this model, Yamaha has also made changes to the riding position to maximize comfort and ride. A nice geometry with a suspension that can take the abuse of our roads with a fully manual adjustable KYB suspension.
At the heart of the beast is a 998cc in-line engine with 12:1 compression. A powerful engine accompanied by a 6-speed transmission equipped with a Quick Shift System (QSS) as well as an assist Slipper Clutch.
The braking system includes two large-diameter front discs with 4-piston calipers for strong and efficient braking. The complete brake system is inspired by that of the R1 and includes braided brake lines ready to withstand the most aggressive braking.

First Impression

As soon as you start riding the MT-10, you understand the potential of the bike. The real power of the engine, the flexibility of it and the electronic assistance for an application to the rear wheel impeccable make it a motorcycle of high caliber.
From the outset, if you want to take advantage of all the available technology of this motorcycle, you will have to start reading your booklet. Maybe not immediately, but definitely before the end of the season! Not only will you have access to driving modes, but also to a “shift light” and other functions that can be adjusted according to the conditions and your preferences.
The MT-10 offers an optimal and natural driving position, which leaves room for movement accompanied by a well-positioned handlebar for both day-to-day and sportier driving. The ride is impeccable and the bike easy to maneuver with a reasonable weight of 470lbs. I drove about 300km with it, and I can confirm its comfort. The seat has a nice size and of good quality.
Yamaha MT-10 SP Edition 2022
Yamaha MT-10 SP Edition 2022
I had a lot of fun taming the MT-10 and riding the twisty roads. A motorcycle that likes the great outdoors, wide open spaces and a little less the city. Even with more than 25 years riding a motorcycle and a certain age, it is not so easy to stay wise with this one…
A track-ready motorcycle, not only due to several physical and electronic features, but also with a display mode and dashboard functionality specifically designed for the track.
The engine being a little less pushed than the R1 makes it a machine with a smooth throttle response and the electronic throttle gives good feedback.
If you stay on the road, know that the MT-10 has and will have an aggressive and intense sound to your delight every time you push it a little. The electronic throttle also gives good feedback.

SP Edition

You may be wondering what is the difference between the standard model and the SP model of the MT-10? It’s normal! Here’s what to know.

First, you will be entitled to a signature color inspired by that of the R1M for the SP. Second, what interests us the most, at least for me, is the suspension. The original suspension is replaced by a 2nd generation Ohlins semi-active suspension.

This Ohlins suspension, is available for the first time on a production motorcycle. Coupled with predefined and electronically adjustable driving modes, you will have a responsive suspension according to your driving and your preferences.
To complete the look, a 3 piece “Belly Cowl” with oil cooler for improved cooling and maintaining the oil temperature at an optimal level. Another great addition for those who will push the Yamaha to its full potential.


Obviously, the MT-10 is probably not for everyone, but I can say that it is one of the greats. If you like naked bikes, with the MT-10 you get a very powerful, reliable motorcycle at the cutting edge of technology. Having said that, I believe that to fully enjoy it, you need the space to do so.
Consumption a little greedier with a real average of 6.5 l per 100km, combined with a 17 liter tank, gives you a reasonable autonomy from workdays commute to long weekend outings.

A minor negative point would be the fuel gauge, which is almost useless and more of a decoration. That being said, a fuel autonomy indicator would be very appreciated, I say that, I say nothing.

My only regret is not having had it longer and not having had the opportunity to try it on the track. Another time maybe!

If you have the chance to try it, do not hesitate, SP or not! You already tried a MT-10 or you own one? Leave us your comments!

Thanks to Yamaha Motors Canada for making this test possible.

Jean-Sebastien Mackay

Jean-Sebastien Mackay

Riding motorcycles since the 90's - Husband - Father - Army Veteran - Founder of KNUCKLE

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