A few months ago, Honda announced the release of the Rebel 1100 for 2021, and with the combo promised by this new model, its success seemed assured.

A 1100cc engine from the Africa Twin (Custom tuning),the technology from the CB family and the Rebel look. Everything to please! I had already done the 1000km Knuckle Challenge with the Rebel 500 as well as the CB1000R and I really liked my experiences. So, I was very eager to try it out.

Honda Rebel 1100 2021 Montreal
Honda Rebel 1100 LaRONDE

Today, after a few hundred kilometres, I present to you my opinion and appreciation of the new 2021 Rebel 1100, courtesy of Honda Motorcycles Canada.

At first glance, we notice once again, a successful minimalist look with the known Rebel lines. Small indicator dial, small mirrors, very close indicator lights, the ignition key on the engine side & all completely blacked out. Perfect for those, like me, who prefer riding to cleaning… ha-ha

Honda Rebel 1100 Front View
Honda Rebel 1100 Headlight
The exhaust lets us hear a nice sound from the engine with a rather low and pleasant sound. A rather sober but well-defined look. Idle speed might be a bit fast for my liking but hey, nothing impossible to overcome or modify.

The ride is smooth, nice geometry and easy to control. A fluid throttle response that gives us a pleasant ride both in town and on the open road. With good power and torque, it’s easy to get a little carried away at the green light…

Honda Rebel 1100 Brossard
I found that the suspension is better suited to our road conditions than some American counterparts… A sporty cruiser at heart just waiting to be ridden! Braking is adequate both front and rear, with or without a passenger. Small detail that can greatly change your appreciation of your accompanied outings and your motorcycle.

Average fuel consumption is similar as the CB1000R, around 5.4 liters / 100km. Of course, it all depends on your driving style! Moreover, different driving modes are available to you, namely: Sport, Standard, Rain and one according to your preferences (User). The Cruise control is available for the open road and very easy to use and handle.

Honda Rebel 1100 Brossard
Honda Rebel 1100 rear view
The Rebel 1100 is, at its core, a mono seat motorcycle. Perfect for children or for rides of short or medium duration. Not necessarily because of the comfort of the bench but partly because of the position of the foot pegs, therefore the overall position of the passenger. That being said, your passengers will not be bored on this motorcycle, they will have great sensations just like you!
Honda Rebel 1100 Black and White
Now, let’s talk about the driver’s riding position… Even before I tried it, I had already had echoes referring to the riding position. I must admit that the position of the handlebars and pedals will not be unanimous…

Depending on your size, the position will be either perfect, weird or simply uncomfortable. Many expect modification, or at least different options for years to come.

For my part, at first, I did find the position rather strange, but after a while, I really liked it! So much so that’s now I consider it a strong point. I’ve done several outings with the Honda Rebel 1100 and once you get used to it, it’s second nature. So, before deciding if it’s a good or bad, a good test drive impose himself!

My final words

Several accessories are also available, whether original Honda or “Aftermarket”. So, you can customize it quite easily!

I find the Rebel 1100 very comfortable and have enjoyed riding it for several hours on several occasions. A great success for Honda once again. If you’re looking into this style of motorcycle, the Rebel 1100 is worth considering.

Leave me your comments! Ride safe!


Jean-Sébastien Mackay
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