Knuckle Challenge – 1000km (621 Miles) / 1 Day

We decided in 2020 to extend the Challenge to the larger engines. As a result of multiple requests over the past few years, many of you were interested in this kind of “test” on conventional motorcycles. So we thought: Why not!

With everything going on in the world, the season has been affected but we have decided to go ahead with our Challenges.

Honda Motorcycles Canada immediately answered the call and offered us the CB1000R, a superb “naked” 4-cylinder.

What a look!

The temperature wanted to be nice and warm, which I find particularly pleasant to do a 1000km in a single day. It had been a long time since I had driven so much on a big engine and I was curious and overly excited.

This time, we had decided to go explore other regions and headed for the Hautes-Laurentides!

My first impression of the CB1000R is particularly good, we feel that the bike is well balanced and stable, which gives us confidence. There is no doubt about the engine power and luckily Honda decided to offer several driving options that can be adjusted at the push of a button.

Thanks to the driving modes, you can choose the “output” of torque, power, engine braking. It can be increased or decreased and for torque control, remove it completely. Three predefined sets and a programmable mode according to our wishes.

The saddle is hard and not very thick, but comfortable. It remains to be seen for how long … The riding position is good with the latitude to move as needed, which could prove useful during the day.

Over the miles, I feel that the CB1000R can give a lot of bang for our bucks… On a track with a rider worthy of the name, this Honda will give you to be all smiles. But being on our beautiful roads in Quebec, this is not the time to push the machine!

The suspension is stiff, but the modulation is smooth, which allows us to tackle a few holes and creaks without knocking too much. The brakes are perfectly to my taste! Personally, I love having solid rear braking.

Forced to note that unlike the small cylinders with which the Challenges are usually supplemented, the 4 cylinder is more demanding on gasoline. Nothing dramatic, but with all normal driving, the average fuel consumption is over 5L / 100.

It is like a small car! If you decide to twist the throttle a little, stop looking at the fuel consumption … With a capacity of 16 liters, we should technically go 300km. However, with the chosen route and the passage of time, we are making stops every 200km or so and we are far from being afraid of running out of gas.

Which brings me to another interesting point, the design of the tank, splendid by the way, means that you don’t have to be in too much of a hurry to fill it up if you want to fill it up completely. Small detail, which should not upset anyone, but which is good to know!

500km already!

Even though the CB1000R was not necessarily designed for long journeys, I am pleasantly surprised, after already 500km, how comfortable it still is. I would be lying if I said I did not feel a little bit. This is the 1000km the real test!

The weather is still fine, and the bike continues to make me smile. Nice power, a smooth ride and efficient and precise driving geometry. What I have always enjoyed about Honda motorcycles is their sound.

With the original exhaust system, the sound when riding is perfect and not disturbing for long distances. And when you ride in a, let’s face it, a little sportier way, the engine sings loud and clear and the CB1000R reveals its soul and racing heritage …

I had the opportunity, outside of the Challenge, to ride with passengers. It is important to mention that the passenger position is quite sporty. However comfortable as much for an adult as a child according to the comments received by them.

Time flies on this Honda and although the mileage can be felt, the freedom of movement on the CB1000R allows me to adjust easily!

The last portion of the Challenge is done after dark. Our roads being what they are, when driving at night, it is much more difficult to see and avoid “anomalies” in the asphalt …

These are the times when we may or may not appreciate the suspension and the size of our tires on our machines. A positive verdict for Honda once again, the end of our Challenge will not end with knocks and a headache!

Back to our starting point after 16 hours on the road. The Challenge is complete & successful!

Even though Honda’s CB1000R is definitely a very powerful, curve-hungry beast, it can be tamed for long-distance travel after all.


In conclusion, the CB1000R is a complete motorcycle that will satisfy you! If this segment of motorcycle interests you, this Honda is a prime candidate!

We would like, once again, to thank Honda Motorcycles Canada for their participation in the Challenge Knuckle.

The total cost for the Challenge in gasoline will have been $ 67. With Premium prices between $ 1.18 and $ 1.30 / Liter. The CB1000R consumed 53.3l during the Challenge, an average of 5.3l per 100km.

Watch our video of this Challenge here: HONDA CB1000R 2020

Thank you for being with us, and do not hesitate to share if you enjoy our Knuckle Challenges.

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Let us know which motorcycle you would like to be tested!

Jean-Sébastien Mackay
Knuckle HQ






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