After more than 500 km on the MT-03, we are now at the test ride of the Yamaha MT-07.

What I really appreciate about the MT family, whether in the color range, the headlights, or the finish, is that they cannot be confused with any other models. Besides, like her little sister, she looks fabulous.

Yamaha MT-07
Yamaha MT-07
We must say that one of the pleasures of doing road tests is to live different experiences. The Yamahas really have a “feel” of their own and these tests allow me to really familiarize myself with them.

The Yamaha MT-07 also has a fat-sounding twin-cylinder, which I’m starting to like…a lot. The 689cc engine develops 68 HP and 46.5 pounds of torque. Good power for the size and weight.

The Yamaha is equipped with a complete and stylized instrumentation with simple controls. That said, the ignition key above the front headlight leaves me a little perplexed… Personally, I would have put the instrumentation a little further / higher and the key closer. Less chance of dropping it or scratching the screen… Just saying… At the end, its clean, that’s the important part!

Yamaha MT-07


Good driving position, both for the arms and for the legs with a comfortable seat. The position of the footrests allows us to drive straight or lying down without penalizing comfort. Easy to drive and manoeuvrable, I had a lot of fun on the road, and it will appeal to both beginners and experienced pilots. The MT family offers a versatile geometry that allows us several riding styles without making riding difficult or perilous.
Yamaha MT-07
The fuel tank of the MT-07 contains 14 liters, therefore the same capacity as the MT-03 and the MT-09. Paired with the ECO mode, a rider who takes it easy finds himself with a very good autonomy and fewer mandatory stops! A point that cannot be neglected this year unfortunately…

I found the front suspension a little soft for my liking. With the roads we have here, too hard is undesirable, but too soft either. It is one of the only motorcycles where, when braking and accelerating, I felt the suspension react and travel so much. Which could become a bit disturbing for some in town or in traffic. I would have liked to be able to adjust it, but this option is only available from the MT-09. On the brake side, we find the standard ABS and I found the braking adequate and well balanced.

Yamaha MT-07


Similar to the Tenere 700, it does not have too many gadgets and, I like it like that! That being said, to take full advantage of Yamaha technologies with riding modes, front and rear adjustable suspensions and even more punch, the MT-09 is really worth considering for the price difference.

On the other hand, many motorcyclists, like me, will appreciate the MT-07 which, without fuss, will deliver a solid experience and has everything to make you enjoy your outings, short or long! A beautiful motorcycle at a very reasonable price under the $10,000 mark.

If you haven’t tried one of Yamaha’s MTs yet, I recommend it. Who knows, you might fall in love!

On my part, it will have been a nice surprise this year.

Jean-Sebastien Mackay

Jean-Sebastien Mackay

Riding motorcycles since the 90's - Husband - Father - Army Veteran - Founder of KNUCKLE






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